Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jacob's Song Pick of the Day (10/01/2015): "The Greatest Discovery" by Elton John

Today's song pick of the day is dedicated to a special little girl who is turning 6 today, my "baby" sister Chloe. Today's pick is "The Greatest Discovery" by Elton John. Have a listen and read why I chose this song today:

Elton John is singing of the love that two siblings have for each other, and how powerful the relationship is. I asked Santa Claus for a baby sister one year.

I thought of how cool it would be, even if I were only 6 at the time, to have someone for a playmate. I looked forward to sharing everything that I knew with her, even if it was a tiny bit over her head (like my talks on dark energy, physics and chemistry). I wanted to help her learn and to grow into an amazing person. But she has taught me. Chloe understands when I'm feeling bad, when I can't get out of bed, when we have to cancel our plans at the last minute. When I'm having a rough day, she runs and gets her favorite stuffies to cheer me up. When I need to laugh, she's there with her own "interesting" brand of humor. She doesn't complain about the hours spent in the hospital, or when I'm hospitalized for a month and don't get to see her as much. She's not afraid of all the tubes and medical procedures, and asks questions so she can understand more about what I go through.

It must be hard to be her. When we're at Sick Kids and I win prizes of toys, she never gets anything since she's not a patient. Sometimes I'll give up my prize and get something just for her so that she's included. When I've met famous people who come to the hospital to visit, she hasn't been there for most of these special visitors. So I'll try to get something signed for her too, but it's not the same as saying you met them. When I'm doing media interviews and going to Ambassador events (I'm a Sick Kids Ambassador), the attention is again on me. We've had to basically stop going to the movies because I'm not allowed to eat popcorn and it would drive me absolutely nuts to have even the smell near me (popcorn is evil to IBD and ostomy patients - can easily cause an obstruction). Sometimes we'll have awesome plans but have to change those as well. Chloe has taught me patience, kindness and sacrifice. But she's taught me most about LOVE.

I love you to the moon and back Chloe! You are and always will be my little sister. I'll always be there for you just like you are there for me. Happy Birthday!

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