Friday, October 2, 2015

Today's Song Pick of the Day (10/02/2015): "The Big Bang Theory Theme" by Barenaked Ladies

Today's song of the day was chosen to show off another side of me, my love of all things science. I picked "The Big Bang Theory Theme" by Barenaked Ladies. Have a listen and read why I chose this song today:

Today's song is honor of NASA's announcement earlier this week of flowing water on Mars. It's an interesting discovery as without an atmosphere on Mars, scientists didn't think that it would be possible to have liquid water. Anybody who knows me, knows that I LOVE science. I'm a self-proclaimed science nerd, learning about anything from string theory and Hawking Radiation to targeted antibody therapies. I'd love to become a scientist who studies AstroBioChem Physics. Is there even a program to study for that? I'll create one. I also love the Big Bang show for all of the science related jokes. It's awesome. My Christmas Elf on the Shelf even brought me my own Sheldon Bobblehead for Christmas!

Science is everything and to everything is science. Without science and technology, advances towards finding cures for diseases just won't be possible. Without science and technology, new medications to improve our quality of life won't be developed. Without science and technology, I wouldn't have to worry about the disease killing me, I'd already be dead from boredom. Let me explain a bit about that. There are plenty of outdoor activities I like - camping, hiking, geocaching (treasure hunting), tobogganing and swimming but I spend more time in waiting rooms or as a patient in the hospital than I do doing these activities. When I go for an admission, there are a "few" basics that come with me - my 500 capacity DVD binder (pretty much full), my Nintendo 3DS, my touchscreen laptop and my IPod. Of course, that's when I'm admitted. For day trips, normally I would just bring my 3DS. I even take my frustrations out by playing Super Smash Bros. Technology keeps me from getting bored, it's a great distraction during the hours spent waiting for something to happen.

That's why one of the first changes I want to make for Jacob's Healing Rooms is to put in tablets at each treatment chair. This gift of technology will allow other kids receiving IV treatments to escape, to connect with others, to have a source of finding information, and to be entertained. Maybe for a few minutes they might even feel like a "normal" kid again.

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