Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jacob's Song Pick of the Day (10/10/2015): "Rule the World" by Walk Off The Earth

Saturdays should be about fun, so today I'm choosing to bring a song that's fun, meaning, and inspiring; "Rule the World" by Walk Off the Earth. Have a listen and read why I chose this song today:

"I materialize the feeling/To carry on, to carry on/I know some will say I'm dreaming/But I carry on, I carry on". 

It's hard to be an 11 year old fundraising to make a major change to benefit other sick kids. I don't have near the powerful voice of an adult to be able to make people sit up and take notice. I'm afraid that people might say "what does he know, he's 11" or suggest that people my age really don't make a difference in this world. I might be young but I still have the power to rule this world. Any business leader knows about the laws of "supply" and "demand", and that you must get people interested in order to create a demand for your supply. And who best to approach about changes that you want to make other than those who are going to be using your services. In my case, that would be us kids. We are the ones who have to sit in an empty and dull environment as we're receiving our IV outpatient treatments. We're the ones who know what might benefit someone our own age as they're going through this journey of disease treatment.

Treatment rooms have been some of the longest days of my life at the hospital. Most of the time, I'd arrive at 8am and I'd be *lucky* if I were out of there by supper. The yellowy-orange color of the walls, while bright at first, seems to put a harsh glow on the room after awhile. The tvs hanging from the ceiling are the only source of entertainment in the treatment room itself, and most of the time the parents hijack the tv to watch the news. What child wants to watch news for 8 hours?! The playrooms down the hall offer a lot of great things for the little kids, but not much for us tweens. And we can't always go to the playroom as we have to be carefully monitored when getting treatment.

Here's where I'm going to make my difference. I'm going to supply the hospital with uplifting child-friendly environments to help them meet their demands on the services. I'm going to make treatment day a better experience, one that hopefully other kids don't have to dread going to. I am only 11, but there's nothing saying that 11 year olds can't achieve amazing things. But I can only do that with your help. Please support Jacob's Healing Rooms and help make my dreams of helping other kids come true.


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