Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (9/30/2015): "How do you want to be Remembered" by Magic!

Today's song of the day is one that I chose as a reminder to why I'm fundraising to help other sick kids, because I want to be remembered as someone who did good in this world. Today's song pick is "How Do You Want To Be Remembered" by Magic! Have a listen and read why I chose this song today:

How do you want to be remembered? What will you be remembered most for after your time here is up? Do you have a "bucket-list" of things that you'd like to do before your time is up? Last week while at Sick Kids Hospital, I got the chance to take pictures of one of the things I want to be remembered for:

This is a picture of one of the outpatient treatment rooms at Sick Kids. As you can see, while there is plenty of light coming into the room, it's not a very appealing child-friendly environment. The tvs hanging from the ceiling are one of the few options for distraction but with the remotes chained to the bottom of the tv set, it's beyond the control of most of the children that would be there. There is a play room down the hall, but we can't always go there and if no volunteer is present, the materials are kept in locked cabinets. When I would come here for my iron infusions through the IV, I would be here for half a day and couldn't wait to get out of the room again. For my Remicade IV infusions, I'd be there for 8 hours at a time and be completely bored out of my mind. It's not the most relaxing of environments. 

I want to be remembered as the kid who changed this so that he could bring smiles to other kid's faces. The plan so far includes installing tablets beside each treatment chair for patient use. These will be loaded with games for all age groups, as well as include internet access. I'm going to put a bubble tube sensory unit in each room for visual distraction, as well as a fresh coat of paint on the walls. I'd like to put Sky Panels over the lights so that each light will look like clouds floating. These changes would go a long way to helping lift the spirits of the hundreds of kids that pass through the doors here each year. Physical healing can be helped by supporting patients emotionally and mentally through the treatment process. I have no doubt that these changes would benefit the hospital greatly. 

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