Friday, September 11, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (9/11/2015): "Conqueror" by Estelle

Today's motivating and inspirational song is "Conqueror" by Estelle. Have a listen:

Estelle's voice is beautiful, isn't it? But that's not the only reason why this song is my song pick today. It's easy when you are chronically sick to have a lot of negative thoughts come along. The worries over when the "better days" that were promised will come along, or about treatments failing, or about whether there will ever be a cure, can create so much fear. Even for us kids. "Conqueror" for me is about facing these demons head on. To not listen to those who tell me what/who I should be. It's about living my life to the fullest and achieving my dreams. "I'd rather stand tall than live on my knees/'Cause I am a Conqueror and I won't accept defeat!" This should be everyone's mantra for life.

There's no bigger dream of mine than to be remembered for having made a difference in the world, and to have been able to help others. Jacob's Healing Rooms will help kids to face their fears and encourage other kids to reach their dreams. It's only with your help that Jacob's Healing Rooms can become more than a wish of mine. Please help it come true!

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