Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jacob's Song Pick of the Day: "Anything" by Hedley

Music has the ability to touch our souls and heal us from the inside-out. No matter how bad I'm feeling, songs have the power to uplift the spirits and it also helps to be able to escape into a funky beat once in a while. On that note, I'm going to try to share some of my Song Picks of the Day with you all.

Today's Pick: A band that I've had the pleasure of seeing twice and would hands-down go to another of their fun-filled concerts - Hedley! Stay tuned below where I explain my song choice:

Let's admit it, I've had a pretty rough last 3 years with 11 sets of scopes and biopsies, and 1 major surgery. I've been stuck to an IV pole more often than I've been outside. When I do go out, people stare at me because I have a tube hanging out of my nose. I'm different. People make assumptions about me, about what I can and can't do. Hedley's "Anything" reminds me that anything is possible when you follow your dreams. I can become a scientist and I definitely want to be an astronaut in space! I try not to let those that tell me differently bother me, I have enough to worry about without them bringing me down.

Jacob's Healing Rooms will remind kids that even though they may be different they too can achieve their dreams. Help make this possible by supporting Jacob's Healing Rooms.

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