Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (9/13/2015): "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars

Today I bring out one of my favorite artists, Bruno Mars as my song pick of the day. I've had the amazing opportunity to see Bruno last summer while I was receiving TPN (nutrition through the vein) at the hospital. If you ever get a chance to see Bruno live, you won't be disappointed! Best.Concert.Ever! There's so many awesome Bruno songs to choose from, but today in particular is: "The Lazy Song". Have a listen and read why I chose this one today:

The video just makes me smile when I'm feeling like I am. For the past several weeks my energy levels have been kaput, likely related to the fact that I haven't been eating that much because of my extreme nausea. It's a vicious circle; I eat, I feel even sicker and then comes the lack of energy to do the most basic things. At 11, I should be out running around with my friends. I should be able to go hiking without feeling like I need a portable cot to go with me. I shouldn't have to worry about being sick at the most awkward of times. But I do.

And I'm not alone. Inflammatory Bowel Disease can cause nutritional deficiencies, which in turn can cause the heavy, almost painful at times, fatigue. It can cause the muscle weakness, the lack of feeling like you want to do anything other than get up off that couch. When you add in the fatigue and nausea that the various treatments cause, it makes the disease that much more complicated to live with.

I can't change the disease or the effects of treatment, but I can help to provide a distraction from all the negative that goes with it. Jacob's Healing Rooms will have the ability to distract kids from the worries over the symptoms and treatments. Having access to games, social networks, internet, visual distractions from sensory bubble tubes and a fresh, appealing environment will go a long way to helping to make this a child-friendly place of healing and hope. Please help me make my wish come true.

As an interesting side note, I'm hoping to be able to apply for my Starlight Wish soon and my #1 wish to chill out with Bruno Mars at Disney. I definitely need to get feeling better to get this to happen!

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