Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (9/24/2015): "Immortals" by FallOutBoy

Today's Song Pick of the Day is inspired in part by superheroes and comes from another of my favorite bands that I've been lucky enough to see in concert: "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy. Have a listen and read why this is my song pick of the day:

Do you have a favorite song or band that is your "go-to" when you need a lift? Fall Out Boy is one of my "go-tos" when I'm needing to get pumped about something. I first came across this song in the movie Big-Hero6.

For those who haven't seen the movie, it's awesome - it features something I'd love to do as a self-professed science nerd, go robot battling. Anyway, BeyMax, the robot, is a personal health checker. Kind of like a bodyguard that looks after your emotional side too. The story is about love and sacrifice.

This song to me is about how each one of us has the power to be superhero. They come in all shapes and sizes and may or may not be wearing a cape. I've had people call me a hero. The Usher of the Black Rod for the Senate in Canada even wrote me an e-mail saying that I was his personal hero. I don't understand it. I don't feel as though I've done something exceptional or extraordinary. I'm just being true to myself, true to who I am. I get speechless when someone tells me how brave I am or inspiring to others. These are things that I strive to become. We all have superhero powers inside of us, it just takes something to bring them out.

Immortals. Even if we don't live forever, wouldn't it be nice if there were at least a trace of us left? Something to say that we were here and did something with our existence? I might not want to live forever, but I know that I do want to be remembered. If I can help even one person in the future, my life and everything that has happened will mean something. And that is why Jacob's Healing Rooms is so close to my heart. I want all the kids that pass through the treatment doors to be able to feel like they have the chance to be a superhero as well.

"Sometimes the only pay-off for having any faith/Is when it's tested again and again everyday"

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