Friday, November 27, 2015

What's Eating Jacob? - Surgery Recovery Update

"Wow Jacob, you've been really quiet, how's recovering from surgery #14 going?". Not good at all.

I sit down to write a blog post and as I'm in the middle of it, something comes along to change everything. This happens about every 15 minutes of the past 3 days. It's quite dizzying how fast things have changed.

I'm HOME! That I guess is the biggest change of all, I wasn't sure they were ever going to let me out of the quarantine ward, where 10 minutes can feel like 10 hours. They were really thinking that it was chicken pox/shingles but the painful torture test known as skin sampling didn't show the virus and neither did the blood. That's great and all, but the question remains: What's Eating Jacob?

Infectious Disease is leaning towards a reaction to the GTube (feeding tube) materials, but since that's not their area of expertise, they can't really say (which is exactly what they said). GI seems to be questioning the GTube material theory as well. It really does worry me if it is the GTube itself, because what then? What do I do to get my nutritional needs met? Dermatology says that sometimes we can develop a rash for a reason that no one can figure out, so we might never know what it is exactly or why.

So I am home but looking at the calendar, I'm going to be spending a lot of time in car going to doctor's appointments between now and 2016. On Monday I'll be seeing the GI team again for them to have a peek at me, then it's Infectious Disease a few days later, then Dermatology sometime in there, as well as a visit to the new cardiologist specializing in electrical problems. Maybe he can give my body a jumpstart.

In the meantime, I'm being tortured by steroid creams which really super-duper hurt to put on, and am taking, according to my pharmacist, an extremely high-dose of a potent anti-viral (valacyclovir).

And that my friends, is the much overdue update on my health.... Now back to my fundraising and spreading happiness to others I go!

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