Monday, November 30, 2015

A Thank You to a Special Friend

Every now and then some kind stranger comes into your life and their actions leave you feeling completely stunned, but in a good way. I'm lucky enough to be able to say that I've had this happen quite often lately for me. I'd like to tell you about one of these special people: Colitis Ninja (@ColitisNinja on Twitter). Colitis Ninja does a lot of awareness work in the IBD Community, through blogging her experiences, sharing support on Twitter, and creating fabulous IBD Ninja items. One of the wonderful things about Colitis Ninja is her positivity. Living with a chronic disease is difficult, but staying positive in light of the many challenges that come our way, can at times seem like way too big a job. Through humor and positivity Colitis Ninja shares what she's gone through over the years. You should definitely check out her webpage at:

I want to thank Colitis Ninja for being so thoughtful in sending me a fantastic get-better shirt:

The shirt says "I'm a Crohn's Ninja" and here I am doing my best ninja posing. I love my awesome shirt! I'm proud to be a Crohn's Ninja but I'm prouder to be able to call Colitis Ninja my friend. Thanks for being awesome! 

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