Friday, November 13, 2015

Jacob's song of the day (11/13/2015): "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by Jackie DeShannon

It's World Kindness Day today, so I picked a perfect song to celebrate the day with - "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by Jackie DeShannon. Have a listen and read why I picked this song today:

"Think of your fellow man/Give him a helping hand". That's exactly what kindness is about. Little things, kind words and sweet gestures can make a huge difference in someone's life. We all need some type of help every now and then, and sometimes that help can come from the most surprising of places. One tiny gesture can have a huge impact on someone's life.

Kindness is love. It's a love for the world and wanting to do everything possible to make a difference, to be a change maker. If I were to die tomorrow, the thing I would want most is for people to remember me for being kind and making a difference in this world. There is far too much hatred that makes the front pages of our newspapers and becomes the leading story on the news. It's time for this to change. It's time to push for the wonderful things that can come out of helping one another instead of beating each other down. It's time for kindness.

Sometimes when I'm feeling my absolute worst and in the hospital, these little acts of kindness from the staff, or volunteers, or even other visitors complete my day. I can remember being admitted to the hospital for Easter and one family went and bought little Easter treats for all of us patients. Even if I couldn't eat it, it was an amazing act of kindness that made the most out of missing yet another holiday. It brought a smile to my face and it still does just thinking about it.

I hope that Jacob's Healing Rooms can help to inspire others to make a difference in their world. It all starts with a little seed of hope and a dash of inspiration. And every one of us are capable of doing something great. How will you show your kindness?

"And the world will be a better place/For you and me/You just wait and see"

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