Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (11/10/2015): "Everything is Everything" by Lauryn Hill

Today's song is about accepting the cards that you've been dealt and moving on. I have picked "Everything is Everything" by Lauryn Hill. Have a listen and read why I chose this song today:

I've been thinking about purpose. I believe that there has to be a purpose why I'm living with Crohn's Disease. That all of my experiences have to mean something. I refuse to believe that there's nothing to be learned from this rollercoaster of a life, that it was all for nothing.

I'm a science kid. I love learning new things about science and talking scientific theories with everyone that I meet. One thought that really sticks with me is the idea that everything in our universe existed from the second that it was created. It's a theory of the universe coming from a point called a singularity, picture it as an infinitely small point containing everything that has been and ever will be, which blows up (The Big Bang) and creates the universe. Everything that has happened historically since that point was already a given possibility because the universe contains everything that there ever will be. Here's the most awesome thing about this theory: If all of the possibilities are already available to us and we just have to find them, then that means cures for chronic diseases and terminal illnesses are out there. That we just have to keep looking and asking questions. We have to keep trying out new theories to explain why things happen the way they do. It means that there is hope out there. Hope for better days, better treatments, and even a cure.

I like to picture this singularity as the tiniest pinpoint of bright light on a completely black surface. To me, this glowing dot represents hope and its purpose is to bring light to that black surface and create something amazing in it. From this tiny pinpoint of light came all of these amazing little twinkling lights in our skies, lighting a path through the darkness. It's hope spreading and bringing comfort for brighter days. The little stars are like the wonderful people I've met and who have supported me on my journey, they've brought light through my dark days. I like to think that my purpose one day will to be a light for others who are going through this and other personal-related challenges. To remind them that no matter how dark the day seems, there's always a little light, a little hope, at the end.

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