Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jacob's Song of the Day (11/23/2015): "I Was Me" by Imagine Dragons

Today's song choice is inspired by kindness and the power that we all have to make a difference in this world. I have picked "I Was Me" by Imagine Dragons. Have a listen to the incredible explanation that Dan Reynolds, the lead singer for Imagine Dragons, gives for the creation of this song (no official video has been released):

Celebrities have such great power to be able to influence and motivate people to make positive change. Imagine Dragons has created this special project, the #One4 project, to help with the humanitarian efforts assisting the refugee crisis in Europe. All proceeds from sale of this song will go to the cause. This is even more important now than it was when the project was first created because as a response to the recent terror activities, many countries and people are turning their backs on those who are most in need. I especially love that he's holding up a sign saying "#One4 Love" because love is what this world needs. We need to help each other, to give each other a lift up instead of a kick back down. We need to stretch our hands out to strangers and say "Look, we care".

Yesterday at the hospital, I was playing my favorite afternoon kid's game show, Name that Tune, where the winner gets to receive a prize. All the prizes have been donated to the hospital for us kids to have something nice, perhaps to reward us for good behavior or putting up with the painful treatments! Either way, it's such a nice gift for people to give to all of us who have to be in the hospital for awhile. Oh, and yes, I tied for first place yesterday.

When the prize cart came around, I knew right away what I wanted, I wanted to pay forward the kindness of the people who made a donation to the hospital by making my own donation. I chose the ITunes gift card so that I could order this amazing song on my ancient IPod. It really is a win-win, I get a great song and refugees get a little bit more help. More than that though, it makes me feel good to know that perhaps I might have done something good, something to help contribute towards making a positive change in this world.

If you have an Apple Product, please consider downloading this song. Remember that at one point in history, many of our ancestors were also immigrants looking for the same chance that immigrants are looking for today; hope, love and freedom. Remember that the actions of a few people, do not represent the actions of an entire nation of peoples. Think of how different your life may have been if your ancestors had never left their home country to give their kids, and their kids, a chance to have a safe place to grow. Instead of making it an "us vs, them", let's show some compassion and kindness.

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