Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Best Birthday Gift

Last week was such a busy week for me with all of the medical appointments that I'm just getting caught up on all of the wonderful birthday messages and love that was shown to me that day! It meant so much to have people all over the world show such thoughtfulness. I'd like to share one special act of kindness that was presented to me on my birthday weekend.

My Papa used to work at The Oshawa Curling Club and made many friendships with people there over the years. When my story made the newspaper, a few of the members of the club had seen it, and reached out to find out how they could help make my wish come true. A few members decided to take it upon themselves to bring attention to Jacob's Healing Rooms. My newspaper story was posted in a few areas of the club, and a big collection jar was placed at the bar. It was such an amazingly nice thing for them to do!

I haven't been able to have a birthday party in 3 years. My grade 5 birthday I had pneumonia and could barely blow out candles let alone host a party. My grade 6 birthday was when the nausea and vomiting started to be a huge problem. This birthday I was recovering from surgery #14 to place a GTube feeding tube, which we have learned I am allergic to and it will need to be replaced on January 7. It was a bummer that I couldn't have an actual birthday party yet again, but I decided to do something awesome with it and see if I could host "Jacob's Online Birthday Bonanza to Benefit Sick Kids". Why not turn a bad situation into something a bit better?

Hearing that it was my birthday, they decided it was the perfect time to give me their awesome present. Together, the Oshawa Curling Club members raised an amazing $711!! My birthday wish goal amount was to see Jacob's Healing Rooms reach $8000, and thanks to the outstanding generosity of the members, I was able to reach my goal, which was the best birthday present I could have asked for!

Thank you for everything that you all have done. This dream of mine can only come true with the kindness and generosity of others. I know that together we will be able to bring some smiles to these kids faces and make treatment days brighter! I can't wait until I can come and thank you all in person next month!

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