Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jacob's Online Birthday Bonanza to Benefit SickKids

If you're reading this, and I hope that you will, you're invited to join me online for a huge celebration!

December 14, 2015

You might be asking "What are we celebrating Jacob?" at this point. Well, it's my 12th BIRTHDAY! 

I haven't had a birthday party with friends in 2 years. In grade 5, I had a respiratory infection that eventually led to the development of severe pneumonia. Last year, I spent everyday throwing up and I didn't think that it made for a good party trick. Or at least I haven't been to a party yet that involved party games like "Who can run fastest to the bathroom?" or similar game names. This year, once again I am not feeling physically well enough to have a birthday party. I am still sore from the surgery to put in the GTube (long term feeding tube in my stomach), and am having some complications from a mysterious reaction or infection or virus that has left my stomach blistered. Ouch doesn't quite cover that. 

So I had a fabulous thought when I realized my birthday was fast approaching again this year: What if I could turn this negative into a positive as well? What if I used my birthday to do some more good in this world? 

Welcome to Jacob's Online Birthday Bonanza to Benefit SickKids!

I'd like to invite you to join me for my birthday, but since all of you can't be with me in person, I'll have to settle for online. Look for my tweets throughout the day, I'll have some fun songs lined up, have a few party games, and we'll spread some kindness and positivity. Starting today I'll also be putting out my #12daysofJacob - a picture to celebrate each of my birthdays so far!

Instead of gifts this year, I'm asking for donations to be made to my Jacob's Healing Rooms project at Sick Kids Hospital. You can read about exactly what Jacob's Healing Rooms is about by clicking HERE.  Being able to bring smiles to the faces of kids going through outpatient treatment is a huge gift for me. So far I have raised close to $6000, which is an amazing 10% of my overall goal. I can't wait to see what we can do together for my birthday! 

Only with your help can we make my wish to help other sick kids come true! Please join me for my birthday celebrations, I can't wait to see you there! 

Be sure to follow the hashtags: #JacobsHealingRooms & #HappyBDayJacob!

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