Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jacob's Song of the Day (3/23/2016): "Miracles" by Coldplay

Today I have chosen "Miracles" by Coldplay because to me it represents hope. Have a listen and read more about why I chose this song today:

"I've made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race" - Louis Zamperini, WW2 veteran and Japanese POW survivor.

Hope. What a wonderful thing that we incurably sick people cling to. We hope for better days, better treatments, cures. We hope for more understanding, more compassion, more kindness in a world that often just doesn't seem to get it. Hope is what drives us on, what keeps us waking up to each new day that passes. Hope is the exact thing that Miracles are made of.

I try to stay positive even though my health for the past 6 months has been on a downward spiral. In the past 4 years, almost every holiday and vacation has been spent as an inpatient at the hospital. I can no longer participate in Scouting, I haven't been to school for a full day yet this year so all of my friendships have also taken a beating. Even though I'm out of the hospital for now, I still find myself in a medical waiting room at least twice a week. My life has just done several strange trips through various wormholes and become something completely different than what I could ever dream up (or I guess in my case it would be nightmare-up?) I'm just growing more and more tired each day, when there's no real answers. I'm tired of the medical trips, the triple 'p' (pokes, prods and pain), the treatments that create new problems. So what is the one thing that keeps me going and inspires me to inspire others the way I do? 

Hope and miracles. What really keeps me going each day is the hope that I can make a difference. The hope that Jacob's Healing Rooms will help to make the treatment experience for other kids going through this a lot better. It's the hope that I can inspire at least one other person to do their own thing to make a difference in this world. It's hope that one day, we all can have a miracle.

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