Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm just a complicated guy... well, sort-of.

Round and round we go, where we'll stop, who really knows?! That pretty much sums up my day, my week, my life right now and since I was diagnosed with Crohns almost 4 years ago. Since that time, I've had a constant revolving door of doctors from almost every specialty involved because of the increasing number of health hurdles I've had to struggle through. I've seen GI, the dietitian, the health psychologist, the respirologist, the cardiologist, the electrophysiologist, and neurology. Today, I added a new speciality, endocrinology.

Since last June, I've been having a problem with my weight, which sounds weird because last June I was just starting to eat solids again after 4 months of only formula feed through my Naso-Gastric Tube (NG - a tube that runs from my nose to my stomach). But my weight kept creeping up. I went from 58lbs last February to being 124lbs this February, without even really eating anything! The doctors even stated that my weight had become a medical emergency because it had gotten so out of control. Hence the referral to endocrinology to see if there was something related to any of my hormones that was causing some of my health problems.

All of the endocrine tests have shown absolutely nothing out-of-whack with the hormones. Whew, so glad to hear that. But yet, that also means, no explanation as to what's going on.


The doctor declared that my weight loss in the last month has been "alarming". I have lost 7kg in the past month, which makes sense because I'm only able to take in about 2-3 bites of a meal before the nausea declares the meal has ended. Since coming off all of my anti-nausea meds for the past month, it takes everything I got just to try to get on with my day. It's interfering in just about everything I do. So the endocrinologist has insisted that we e-mail our GI nurse today to express concern about the weight loss, lack of nutrition, and nausea.

How we go from one extreme to the other is just completely mind-blowing. It seems that I like to do things either in a dramatic fashion, or not at all, at least as far as my health goes.

But the endocrinologist wasn't a total bust. For the past at least 6 months I've been having really bad pain in my knees, ankles and legs. It's actually so bad that to walk brings tears to my eyes most days. So the endocrinologist feels that we should seek a referral to the rheumatologist to talk about the joint pain issues. The wheel continues to spin around....

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