Monday, June 22, 2015

Jacob's Healing Rooms Golf Tournament - June 2, 2015

Every once in awhile there comes along someone, or a group of people, who completely surprise us. Throughout our 3 year journey, we've been fortunate enough to have had quite a few "strangers" step up to say some kind words of encouragement, or to share how Inflammatory Bowel Disease has touched their lives. These type of people remind us daily that no matter how dark and long our family's battle may be, there are people out there who will help to light the path. This post is about one such group of people.

On June 2, Jacob's Healing Rooms was honored to be selected as the beneficiary of the Leaside Ladies Curling Group's fundraiser. These amazing ladies had heard of Jacob's battles with Crohn's Disease and what he was trying to do to improve the treatment experience of other patients and had graciously came forward to ask if they could help. They went way above & beyond to help get Jacob's Healing Rooms well underway, with successfully hosting a golf tournament at The Thornhill Golf and Country Club.

These ladies opened their hearts and pocketbooks to help make Jacob's fundraiser a huge success. In total, we were able to raise $3600! It's still a long way from our goal of $60,000 but it's a big jump and means so much to us. Jacob was able to give a very touching speech about his battles and why this project means so much to him. Afterwards, he was given a standing ovation by the 90+ golfers present and was approached by many who told him what an inspiration he is.

We need to keep this momentum going. A few things you can do to help us:

1. Follow Jacob's blog. We'll be sharing his journey with Crohn's Disease and updating about our fundraising project. Be sure to share Jacob's blog posts with others!

2. Follow Jacob's twitter account and RT (Retweet) his tweets: @KidWithCrohns

3. Follow and share Jacob's Official Jacob's Healing Rooms Facebook Page on your page.

4. Watch, Follow and Share Jacob's You-Tube Videos:

5. Donate to Jacob's Healing Rooms:Jacob's Healing Rooms Fundraising Donation Page


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